EnGAGE! at UBC Homecoming

The Friends of Walter Gage at today’s UBC Homecoming were proud to put on display the cover of the book which will be released on November 16. We were particularly thrilled when President Santa Ono dropped by and tweeted the cover of the book to his followers.











We set up in the Alumni Centre building next to the Homecoming registration tables.  The location gave us the opportunity to ask older grads what they remembered about Walter Gage. Many had fond memories and were happy to pre-order a book.

One grad mentioned that we had to see the postcard that was on display on the second floor of the Alumni Centre. It was Dean Gage’s famous Houseboat example in his first year math class.

We also chatted with recent grads who were familiar with Gage Towers and Gage Road but knew little about the man himself. Besides stories about his photographic memory, they were astonished to hear about his generosity when he would reach into his own wallet if a bursary could not be found for a desperate student. When you tried to pay him back, we wouldn’t accept it but simply ask that you consider helping others in a similar manner in future, if circumstances permitted.


There’s still time to pre-order and receive an invitation to the November 16 book launch at the University Golf Club. If you unfortunately can’t attend, no worries as the book distributor will contact you directly to arrange delivery.

The finished size of the book will be 8″ x 10″, all colour, with approximately 120 pages. Book price is $24.99 which includes all taxes.