The story behind the Leslie Anne Whitcutt Memorial Bursary

What would you do if you saw a legally blind student wandering around campus in the early 1970s? If you were Walter Gage, you would go out of your way to engage and regularly meet with her for breakfast or coffee until graduation. In 1973, the student Leslie Anne Whitcutt graduated with a B.A. at […]

How Walter Gage impacted Michael Davies

How Walter Gage impacted Michael Davies

I came to UBC in 1966 as a fresh young Assistant Professor, barely older than the second year Engineering students I was assigned to teach. I quickly became aware of Walter Gage as a guardian angel to students, who would go to him as Dean of Students for advice and for help in times of […]

What do you know about Walter Gage?

In the 50+ years he was at UBC, Walter Gage touched all aspects of campus life. Teacher, counsellor, administrator, president, friend.  We know that from the many amazing stories about him that make their rounds at alumni reunions, faculty events, classmate get-togethers. It’s our belief there are just as many untold stories. The main objective of […]