What do you know about Walter Gage?

In the 50+ years he was at UBC, Walter Gage touched all aspects of campus life. Teacher, counsellor, administrator, president, friend.  We know that from the many amazing stories about him that make their rounds at alumni reunions, faculty events, classmate get-togethers. It’s our belief there are just as many untold stories.

The main objective of this website is to provide a place to capture those untold stories before they are lost forever. A secondary objective is to publish a book to carry forward his ideals and spirit.

Walter Gage had the uncanny ability to recall names. Were you one who was totally blown away when you greeted him many years  later and he called you by your first name? Not only that, he also remembered why you reached out to him. That’s one type of story we want to hear about and capture!

Welcome! Bookmark this site to stay tuned in to our progress.  And let’s enGAGE!