Friend of the Aggies

I was on campus in 1969 when the faculty of Agriculture changed its name to Agriculture Sciences. Engineering students were affectionately called “Gears” and Agriculture students “Aggies”. In 2005, it was rebranded as the Faculty of Land and Food Systems, to better reflect its expanded focus in the areas of Food Science, Nutrition, and Land, Food, and Communities.

In our book research in the UBC Archives we discovered some interesting photos. Clearly Walter Gage was a Friend of the Aggies. But we don’t know why.





We read one letter in the archives written by dean emeritus Dr. Blythe Eagles that tells us Walter Gage was deeply involved in Aggie student activities including the Aggie Ball and munching on applies sold to raise money for the Crippled Children fund. What was behind the dedication of the plaque? With all the new buildings and changes, where on the campus map does one go to see the plaque today?

Alumni Relations manager Caely-Ann McNabb is helping us find the untold stories that can shed some light. We’d appreciate if you would pass any information to her at  Alternatively, if you have a story to tell, please submit so that we can include Aggie insights about a man who asked nothing in return of the many who benefitted from knowing him, other than asking that they consider helping others in a similar manner in future, if their circumstances permitted.