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Butch Braidwood extending appreciation

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Michael Davies welcomes guestsOn Monday, December 12, Michael Davies welcomed guests attending our inaugural social function.The event was held to say thanks to early storytellers who have taken the time to tell their personal story about Walter Gage.

Butch Braidwood extended our appreciation to the folks who are helping us to connect and encourage alumni, professors, staff to share their untold stories about this amazing man.

Jim McEwen elaborated why the book project was launched.
If you ask any student Jim McEwen on why the book project was launchedtoday what enters your mind when your hear the name Walter Gage, the common response is Gage Towers, Gage Road, or perhaps the Gage room in the new Engineering Student Centre. It’s disheartening they know little about the man who left an indelible impression on the lives of literally thousands of Vancouverites, British Columbians and Canadians, for over 50 years from 1925 to 1976. The book aims to tell his life story through the memories of those who knew him and were deeply touched by his passion and generosity.

Peter Suedfeld reading Age of Gage stories

Several stories collected so far were printed and circulated. A 1-page draft outline of the book was provided. Without a doubt the best part of the social came when the floor was turned over to storytellers and we heard how Walter Gage impacted personal and professional lives. A highlight was listening to Leslie Whitcutt’s mother Ollie talk about the friendship between Walter Gage and her legally blind daughter. The full story is posted here.

Ollie Whitcutt

Herbert Rosengarten

Philip Loewen, Tom McKeown, Vanessa Clarke, Tara Newell

John Chant

Dan Bowditch, Guenther Schrack

Tom McKeown


Gary Wong, Butch Braidwood, Tony Morgan, Philip Loewen





As more and more stories are added, we’ll start building a sense of community. Lastly, ideas and thoughts were shared on ways we can collect these untold stories and move the book project forward. Special thanks to the Westward Ho! restaurant and Robin Braidwood for being our social event greeter and passing out our Walter Gage bookmarks.   walter_gage_bookmark


Herbert Rosengarten, Gary Wong

Peter Suedfeld, Dan Bowditch, John Chant, Jim McEwen

Dec 12 enGAGE

Anne Stewart engaging Dan Bowditch, Jim McEwen, Butch and Robin Braidwood

Robin Braidwood taking care of name tags and bookmarks