“What will not receiving this bursary mean to you?”

It was either 1969 or 1970 when I wanted to return to UBC, but couldn’t afford it. Relying on a few scholarships and bursaries (as well as limited family funds), I applied for a Walter Gage Bursary.

Upon receiving a notice that I wouldn’t be granted a bursary, I was granted a meeting with Dr. Gage. After a brief, but pleasant conversation, I turned to leave his office. Almost out the door, he asked me one simple question, “What will not receiving this bursary mean to you?” My response was that I most likely would be unable to return to the university.

A few days later I received notification that I had been granted several hundred dollars, enough to pay my fees. I later learned that Dr. Gage had funded this from his own pocket.

Ever grateful, I completed my Education degree (B. Ed. ’73, M. Ed. ’85) and was a teacher and administrator in the province for the next 34 years. As well, I was President of the Men’s Athletic Association and student representative on the Men’s Athletic Council. During this time, all three of my children also graduated from UBC.

Who knows what I would have made of my life, but for the generosity of Dr. Gage?

Morley Jameson
BEd 1973
MEd 1985