Unbelievable kindness

I came to UBC in 1949 after 4 years military service. I had a Veteran’s grant but from the UK not Canada. The grant was a long time in coming and finally in the second term I went to Dean Gage and explained my predicament. Since my letters to the UK Ministry of Education, which administered my grant had proved fruitless, could he write on my behalf. He said of course he would.

Then he asked me how I was managing in the meantime. When I said “essentially on trust” especially on the part of the UBC office that handed out monthly meal passes. I owed them about 5-6 months. He smiled, got out his cheque book, wrote out a cheque and handed it to me. I stammered my thanks but added I did not know when I would be able to pay him back. He smiled and said “not to worry, whenever I could”. Unbelievable kindness.

Peter Harnetty
BA 1953