“They are expecting you.”

I met Dean Gage at a symposium during my first year at UBC. We had a brief conversation. When I crossed paths with him on campus he said hello as though he knew me. He was a faculty person who was seen on campus.

During my second year I encountered financial difficulties and sought a job. I received a message (and I have never been able to recall how I received that message) that Dean Gage wanted to speak to me.

I went to his office and he said “I hear that you plan to leave the University.” I said “Yes, I do. My father is on strike and he has told me that I must help to pay the household expenses. I have been interviewed and have a job offer at a publishing house.”

He said “Consider this”, and gave me two envelopes with bursary cheques in them. One was anonymous. He continued, “The Faculty Club is looking for a part time serving person. They are expecting you.” Dean Gage rescued my university year and in all probability my university degree. He clearly expected no thanks when I left his office.

John Dressler
BA 1960