The donor was anonymous

I never met or took a course from Walter Gage, but I suspect this is a story about him.

In 1952 I completed Grade 13 in Victoria and enrolled in 1st year Engineering at UBC . I spent the summer of 1953 with a government crew surveying the dikes along the south side of the Fraser River from Chilliwack to salt water. One day I received a telegram from my father telling me I had received an award of $100. This was a surprise. At the time this was a large amount of money for us, and the spending of money on a telegram was far from an ordinary event.

The notice of the award came with a note saying that the donor was anonymous, and would appreciate a letter of thanks. I wrote the letter, and to this day do not know who the donor was, but as time went on and I heard more and more about Walter Gage I have tended to assume it was him. Was it?

David Huntley
BASc 1957
MASc 1959