Teaching the future Chancellor of the University of Victoria

Walter Gage had a major impact on Ross Craigie and Barbara Wallace lives over two generations.

As a Second Year Engineering student, Ross was in Dean Gage’s class. Every Engineering student was taught by Walter Gage. Ross is convinced Dean Gage was instrumental in his receiving a scholarship which provided a hefty $400 per year.

Barbara’s father, Bob Wallace (B.A. ’32) attended Victoria College when Walter Gage was registrar as well as the total Math Department. He convinced Bob to register for his Math class, despite the fact that Bob thought he was interested in a law career, which didn’t require second year Math. Bob went on to graduate from U.B.C. in Honours Math, taught at Victoria High School, then succeeded Walter Gage as the Mathematics Department at Victoria College, on Gage’s recommendation. Bob Wallace’s career at Victoria College, which became the University of Victoria, included roles as Dean, Acting President and, after retirement, Chancellor.

It is an honour to make our donations in gratitude to a U.B.C. legend.

Ross Craigie
BASc 1960

Barbara Wallace (Craigie)
BA 1960