Starting a Book Prize

At the time of my graduation I donated money to UBC to start a book prize. Dean Gage was extremely pleased when I showed up in his office with a $1,000 bill and he handled the details of the prize. It has continued to grow, resulting in over $11,000 worth of books being presented over the 50 years since its inception.

I remember Walter Gage teaching Engineering Math in a very effective way. He would walk into the class room with only the textbook in hand and proceed to lecture with formulae all over the board and with no reference to notes or the book. His lectures were outstanding, clearly explaining calculus to a packed lecture hall.

I also recall Walter Gage as having an amazing ability to recall names and relate to students in a very warm and friendly manner.

Peter Shepard
BASc 1964

Update: Dean of Applied Science James Olson gifted a copy of the Walter Gage book in recognition of Peter’s perpetual book prize. Below is Peter’s thank you note.