Repay it in kind many times over

In the fall 1968, as I was entering my final year of Nursing at UBC, I incurred some unexpected expenses early in the term. As a result I didn’t have enough money to finish the year. When I discussed my need to defer my final year with the Dean of Nursing, Beth McCann, she immediately made an appointment for me with Dean Gage.

Later that day, I saw Dean Gage in his office and explained my circumstances, including my budget, expenses and available income. He asked me how much I needed to get me through the year. When I told him $250 and after a short discussion, he said that Miss McCann was hoping that he would help.

He then opened a drawer in his desk and handed me $250 cash. When I asked how and when I should plan to repay the loan, he said to take the money, finish my degree and that he was sure I would repay it in kind many times over during my lifetime. I hope I have.

Gillian Sandford (Sorenson)
BSN 1969