Registering for 1st year Forestry in 1948

Dean Walter Gage was the one I saw about tuition when I was registering for 1st year Forestry in 1948. He said yes, I could get a loan since I had no money. He was very kind and encouraging to me and made me feel welcome.

As I recall the loan was for more than 1 year if my grades were okay. I don’t know if there was any contact with my father at Langdon. Sometime later I discovered the loan was actually a bursary which meant it would not have to be paid back. This was all very encouraging to me, and along with my cousin Joan Whitney (already enrolled in Arts and Sciences) this helped me get acquainted with the university.

So Dean Gage was instrumental with my entrance to UBC and subsequent further education at Yale and Queen’s which resulted in my attainment of my PhD. Thank you Dean Gage for accepting me and helping me on a lifelong career in tree disease research.

Roy Whitney
BSF 1951