Publishing Emily Carr’s Klee Wyck

As his bio shows Walter taught at Victoria College for several years. One day he was approached by someone who asked him whether he knew how to get a book published. A friend of the person had written a book but did not know what to do. Walter confessed he did not have any idea but thought that a friend of his, Ira Dilworth, could help. Indeed, Ira could and the book was published. The author was Emily Carr and the book was Klee Wyck.

The story does not end there. the painter gave one of her paintings to Walter and another to Ira, and Ira left his to Walter when he passed away.

Walter eventually gave the paintings to UBC. One day while visiting, he noticed one of the paintings on the walls of the President’s office. He told the President that he had not intended to paintings to be used in this way. Instead, he said he wanted them hung somewhere that students could enjoy them. I don’t know where they were hung but one, possibly both, disappeared.