“Oh #&!$, they got me again”

In 1971, several weeks after the Engineering sign-post stunt ( pre-cleared with President Gage with his usual advice not to get hurt) President Gage quietly related to some of the EUS executive the story about the call he received from the Dean of Commerce whose offices overlooked the stunt.

The Dean of Commerce was extremely angry at the wanton destruction of UBC property and was literally screaming at President Gage. President Gage made no attempt to interrupt the Dean and merely held the phone a safe distance from his ear for, as he said, he knew the Dean to be a very smart man.

After several minutes of his tirade against engineers the Dean suddenly stopped, said “Oh #&!$, they got me again” as he realized that this was simply another clever stunt. The Dean promptly hung up without President Gage ever having to defend his “engineers” !