If only more people would be like he was …..

I think it was in my third year (1970) that I ran out of money, and I had exhausted all possible scholarships, bursaries, and family loans to get money to continue until graduation. One day, I went into Dean Gage’s office and told him my story, asking if he had any other ideas. He sat back, smiled, and much to my surprise, took out his personal cheque book and wrote me a cheque for $500. With today’s value, that would be about $5,000. So, I thanked him profusely and promised to pay it back somehow after graduation.

Well, I was able to keep my promise by donating money to some UBC scholarships in general, and to some Gage Foundation Funds in particular, although I don’t remember the exact name. He was a wonderful man, and I will always remember how he helped me, so now I try to always “pay if forward” whenever I can with helping other students. If only more people would be like he was …..

Garry Anderson
BASc 1971