I was flabbergasted

In the fall of 1969, as the President of the Home Economics Undergraduate Society, I was invited to a President’s lunch – arranged for Undergraduate Society presidents – there were about 25 of us along with the President, the Chancellor and other university personages. I sat at a table of 12 with Dean Gage as we still called him so there was small round table chat. I was wearing the Engineering pin of my then boyfriend but nothing in particular was mentioned other than I was wearing it.

At graduation in spring 1970 I walked across the stage to receive my degree from President Gage, after congratulations he asked if my Engineer boyfriend was also graduating! I was flabbergasted – all the students he met, all the time that had gone by, and the small and brief discussion we had experienced and he could remember that? An amazing man.

Pamela Byers
BHE 1970