Donating annually to the Gage Fund

Wally did his best to teach me the fundamentals of Vectors and Matrices way back in 1972 with some success once I woke up. Math 121 was my first class of the day and not being a morning person, I would occasionally ‘blink-off’ into doze mode. At an appropriately timed moment on his part, I vaguely recall hearing “Mr. McDonald! Are you with us?”

He had an amazing memory for names and within a month, knew almost everyone’s name in the class and if he recognized a last name, would discover that he had taught one or both of their parents a generation ago.

According to legend, he believed so strongly in education that he would assist cash-short students from his own pocket. Based on my limited interaction with him, I don’t doubt that these stories are true.

When I was a student at UBC, I could make enough money in the summer to cover my tuition, textbooks, residence and food for most of the term but usually ran out by March. My parents were fortunately able to cover the shortfall.

My concern is that higher level education is becoming elitist and restricted to those in a certain tax range. This should not be the case. I donate annually to the Gage Fund and have done so for years, even when it hurt my pocket-book to do so.

Don McDonald
BSc 1978