He always patted you on the back to encourage you

I was a 1st Science student in 1968, planning on going into Engineering. It was the year of the Jerry Rubin Invasion of the Faculty Club and I was in the crowd. The Engineers (and others) followed the Jerry Rubin followers down to the Faculty Club but nobody was aware of what they were going to do. When they walked in they were initially refused entry but they just poured in anyway.

Walter Gage showed up soon and the Engineers wanted to get a nod to move in and evict them. The Engineers had several hundred Red Coats and could easily dominate the situation. Dave Zirnhelt (AMS President), Stan Persky, and Shaun Sullivan were trying to negotiate a non-violent plan for extraction. I and many others (Commerce and Forestry guys) were also standing by ready to help them that just showed up. I went from spectator to participant when it was obvious Jerry and the Hippies were stealing everything not nailed down, the silverware, the booze, breaking glasses, generally nothing related to a “dignified” protest. I wish the press that finally showed up would have presented it for what it was, a simple stunt used to get more press for their cause but their followers were more interested in the material niceties that they could grab for souvenir’s. In retrospect, they started with a “legitimate protest” but ended with everyone thinking they were a bunch of stoned thieving dummies.

Walter gage was also my favorite Math Prof, Math 350 & 450. I was even registered for another class but most of us just sat on the floor (the desk seats were always taken) in the back of Dean Gage’s class as he could really tech Math. I had the pleasure of casting a vote for Walter at the first Master Teacher Award.

My last story was when in 1972, I was broke in 3rd year, not being able to work the summer being on the Engineers Wally Wagon Team heading for the Urban Vehicle Design Competition in Detroit, I happened to see him walking towards me on the main mall and I stopped to chat and mentioned I was sort of broke and he immediately gave me $200 and said to drop by his office when I could pay it back. He never asked for my name. That was enough to cover my meals for the 2 week trip, and yes, I paid it back with my first pay check the following year. I and many others had lots of chats in passing and he always patted you on the back to encourage you. I always tell people looking at my Grad Certificate it was signed by Walter Gage.

David Stasuk
BASc 1973