Car loan

It was the spring of 1966. I was struggling my way through first year science and exams were around the corner. My all-white 55 Chev 2 door hardtop (rolled and pleated interior, 3 speed with Hurst shift kit, 265 CID V8 with four barrel carb) had dropped a valve and sat in the Fort Camp parking lot waiting for repairs. And I was out of money.

I did not how to diagnose or repair an engine with a dropped valve but I could buy a good recycled 283 V8 at Ralph’s Auto Supply for $200. I figured I needed $300 to get my car back to Port Alberni with the 283.

I ended up in Dean Gage’s office and told him my story. He asked about my future and I said it was Engineering. Based on my circumstances and low marks there was nothing in the bursary / loan main stream that was available for me, but he pulled out his cheque book and handed me … $300!

Ralph’s delivered the 283 to the Fort Camp parking lot, I got materials to erect an “A” frame and with a rented come-along and help from Brian Pidcock and a few others, completed the engine swap on a weekend during exams.

I did not write Physics or Chem in 1966 and had to repeat Math which I somehow managed to a 50% pass. Never mind …. 5 years later as an aspiring Metallurgical Engineer at INCo, my fourth pay cheque was sufficient for me to send a cheque to Dean Gage for the loan with interest calculated and compounded.

I had the pleasure of valuing Dean Gage in my math classes and as a member of the EUS Executive, the pleasure of experiencing his warmth, wit and charm in the annual meals he hosted for us.

I am grateful for my experiences of and with Dean Gage.
And am thank those individuals that have contributed to this virtual connection.

Roy Verbrugge
BASC 1971