Asking me to help out another student in the future

Walter Gage awarded me a bursary the year my wife Ursula and I got married. It was between first and second year engineering and it helped a lot since we were living in North Vancouver and I was car pooling every day to save money.

He was Dean of Student Services at the time and he called me at home one evening to come in for a meeting after I had applied. I was quite impressed, especially as I hadn’t even had him for math in first year. He clearly had a leaning towards helping engineering students.

And I’ll always remember him asking me to help out another student in the future once I had graduated and become successful in my engineering career. I also recalled later sitting in on two classes of Math 350 just to see him in action after the UBC Master Teacher Award was started in his name. It was standing room only both times.

Dan Bowditch
BASc 1971