“All things being equal and neglecting friction”

The jump from high school to university can be quite intimidating. A mammoth lecture hall rather than an intimate classroom. A distinguished Professor at the chalkboard. However, when sitting in Dean Gage’s class, I felt he was speaking directly to me.

His 1st year engineering calculus classes were never dull; no one worked harder or brought more energy to the task of communicating with his students. To this day, I recall his amusing expressions, such as “all things being equal and neglecting friction”. I also recall how Dean Gage would provide multiple solutions and approaches to solving a problem when all I wanted was just one.

Who attended UBC and does not have fond memories of Dean Gage? Who can recall another professor who loved his calling and enjoyed his students more than Dean Gage. Is there anyone who exemplifies the spirit of UBC more than Dean Gage? Not in my book!

Ian Lifchus
BASc 1968