A basset hound named Jeeves

I was out of money and decided to see Walter Gage in the Buchanan building….his first words to were “you are Joe and George Picha’s younger brother? After saying yes he said that my marks were not up their records. I tried to explain and he interrupted and asked why did I not take up Education? I jumped up and almost shouted NO! That got his attention…he asked if I came to see him about money, when I said yes, he handed me a handful of cash (about $500, if I remember correctly) without anymore conversation. No papers to sign, just “it is nice to hear that your brothers are doing well.”

When I attended UBC we had a basset hound named Jeeves. Jeeves used to follow me to class on some days. One morning he made himself comfortable laying on the floor under the blackboard. Walter Gage taught class that day while stroking Jeeves’ belly with his foot!

Walter Gage was a truly GREAT MAN and a TREMENDOUS Professor!

Paul Preminger (AKA Paul Picha)
BAS ‘1966