Welcome to the Walter Gage Book Project

You knew him on UBC campus as Dean Gage and later President Gage. He touched many of us as a math professor and later as the person in charge of running a major Canadian university.  A number of UBC alumni feel that Walter Gage was a lot more than that. We’ve all heard stories how he would somehow find the supporting funds required for a student to stay on at UBC, obtain a degree, and start a successful career. We recently learned about how he could always find the time to counsel a student and provide much-needed direction. Perhaps that student was you or someone you knew.

What is the hidden legacy of Walter Gage and his quiet, mild-mannered 50 years at UBC?

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What’s your story about Walter Gage and the  impact he had on you? Or do you know someone who could share a great story?

With your help we intend to recognize his lasting impact on the lives of so many, and to honour his legacy by collecting together and publishing in a book, up to 100 memorable stories, anecdotes and photos, together with a brief biographical summary of his exemplary life.

We believe that if you join us in telling your stories, together we will create our personal legacy for Walter Gage that goes well beyond the tributes made at his retirement in 1975, and that goes beyond naming a building or a road or a fund. We will form a fascinating mosaic for those who come after us at UBC, depicting a man who grew from boyhood in South Vancouver to UBC Math professor, first Master Teacher, Dean of Everything, President, and Companion of the Order of Canada, all while selflessly encouraging us and countless other individuals along the way.

The Friends of Walter Gage appreciate the Applied Science faculty for hosting this website. But it’s not just about engineers. We welcome alumni, emeriti, and staff from all UBC faculties to share their stories.